Marika Soderlund-Robison is an award winning costume designer and owner of Kicka Custom Design, Inc. Kicka Custom Design opened in 2004 providing original costume design as well as apparel development and mass production management services for fashion designers.

Marika developed her techniques by experimenting with textiles, hardware and dyes and paints. Her costumes have been seen in high profile music videos, in live stage productions, calendars, magazine editorials and advertisements. Kicka Custom Design is also able to handle large volumes of costume production that may be necessary for television or film. In addition to costumes for performers, Marika also offers custom-made, one of a kind, high end designs for special clients in need of something special for the red carpet, anywhere you want to make a splash!
Kicka Custom Design also offers costume rentals. Marika has an ever growing selection of mix and match costumes, accessories and headpieces available. Costumes pieces depicted one way in an editorial, for example, can be combined with other pieces for a completely different look for the next shoot. Stylists and Photographers in particular really love this service because it allows them to use the same costume piece in a different manor without repetition.

 “The aim of my designs is to create an impact on the viewer and invoke an emotional response. Most of my costumes are not for everyday use. Each costume has been created as a one-off art piece.”
The flip side of Kicka Custom Design specializes in development and mass production for apparel manufactures. With over 20 years of experience in the apparel business Kicka Custom Design is a one stop shop for apparel designers to come and have their collection developed and mass produced. This service translates over to the Costume side of the business as well where Marika often helps fellow Costume Designers produce their original creations. Kicka Custom Design is proud to produce garment for their clients with a label that says Made in the USA.
Kicka Custom Design also offers styling services. She is able to help complete the client’s vision with her expert eye.

Marika’s original designs are self described as “Avant-garde Fantasy Haute Couture.”